Entertainment and Recreation in The Republic of Armenia

Entertainment and Recreation in The Republic of Armenia

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Armenia is a small country, so even in one day you can visit many places. Of course, to see all the famous places and sights, you need to go to this country for at least 10 days.

We can talk about the capital of Armenia forever. Yerevan is an interesting city with a calm, non-capital situation. The buildings here are built of red tuff. They also stand out for their unusual layout. Arriving in Yerevan, you should definitely walk up the stairs of the Cascade. In the evening, you can sit at the dancing fountains and in the outdoor cafe, visit the best casinos in Yerevan and try your luck. To get around in all the most beautiful and famous places of the capital, you need to stay here for a few days.

Coming to Armenia, any tourist can find entertainment for himself. Let us consider what can be done in this country in details.

Bike rides. Such entertainment will give not only a lot of impressions, but also improve health. There are places in Yerevan, where you can rent a bike. In this case, you should pay attention to the fact that you will have to present an identity card you can also rent roller skates.

Winter rink. In winter, the beautiful Swan Lake freezes around the Opera Theater, where you can skate with the sound of music. Time flies by in such atmosphere. As a rule, the rink starts working on December 1st.

Cinema under the open sky. Fans of cinema and retro can have a great time at Korn-Pop, which is a unique version of the open-air cinema. Here you can combine watching a movie with a stay in the open air. Whole families with children come here. In addition, such cinema can be an ideal place for a date.

Pubs and cafes. Tasty food or just a snack in Armenian the cities is not a problem. Armenian’s cuisine is considered to be delicious. The local pubs and cafes have a varied menu and very low prices.

Entertainment center Play City. Here are concentrated the most diverse and modern entertainment places for adults and children. In the entertainment center you can play bowling, mini-golf, billiards, paintball and slot machines. Also there is a cinema and a café in the center.

Casino night. Casinos work in the country with the full state’s support, but they should not be located in Yerevan itself, but outside of it. Shangri La is a major VIP level entertainment complex, located just outside the city. The establishment is owned by the international company Storm International, Darren Keane is a managing director. This is a respectable place for connoisseurs of luxury holidays with a gambling twist. The complex has an excellent restaurant with author’s cuisine, said Darren Keane, Storm International.

Night at the observatory. The Byurakan Astrophysical Observatory is located on the slope of Mount Aragats, 35 km from the capital in the village of Byurakan. This landmark can be attributed to the most unusual place in the country. The Observatory is one of the leading institutions of the Armenian Academy of Sciences. At this establishment there is an unofficial hotel where you can rent a room for the night, book a night tour and just look at the stars.

Feed yourself in the spiritual center. Echmiadzin is considered to be the most significant spiritual center for the residents of Armenia. Here is the Catholic residence for Armenians, as well as some important relics: a small part of the Noah’s ark and a spear, which was brought down by Jesus Christ. The monastery complex was erected in the year 303. Currently, there is a cathedral and educational institutions. In the same city there are several other temples and one museum in which collections of medieval art are exhibited.


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